Love in Action was established in December 2016 with a commitment to addressing the pressing needs of our community. Since our inception, we have expanded our services to include two sets of washers and dryers, along with a dedicated shower facility.

Through the unwavering support of our community and the grace of God, we have continually evolved to meet the evolving needs of individuals. Each step of our journey has been marked by the generosity of individuals who have contributed their time, resources, and expertise to enhance the services we offer.

Operating on alternate days to complement the schedule of the Athens Soup Kitchen, we strive to provide essential services consistently, ensuring that individuals in need have access to support and resources every day.


Teri  Caswell

Teri Caswell

Executive Director

Several years ago, I felt a calling from the Lord to address the plight of the homeless and impoverished individuals in our county. At that time, there were limited shelters and programs available, primarily catering to specific needs such as substance abuse or domestic violence. Recognizing this gap, I collaborated with like-minded individuals in our community to explore solutions.

After thorough research and prayerful consideration over 18 months, we concluded that establishing a “day center” for the homeless would be the most effective starting point. Through the generosity of First Baptist Church of Athens, we were granted permission to utilize a property they owned but were not actively using—a quaint church building with a small kitchen area. With the invaluable support of dedicated volunteers and generous donations of funds, materials, and time, we were able to outfit the space with essential amenities, including a shower and laundry facilities.

Our journey began humbly, with just two individuals seeking assistance on our inaugural day. However, through our volunteers’ collective efforts and community support, our services quickly expanded. Within a short span, we were accommodating 35 to 40 individuals daily. While our numbers have fluctuated over the years, in 2019, we consistently served an average of 25 individuals each day we were operational. Presently, our outreach has grown, and we now assist nearly 30 individuals daily, continuing our mission to offer aid and support to those in need.

Richard  "Rik"  Dummond

Richard "Rik" Dummond


With over three decades of dedicated service across various charitable organizations, Rik Drummond brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his roles as Chairman, Board Member, Volunteer, Organizer, and Philanthropist. His extensive background spans both the private and government sectors, reflecting a diverse skill set that encompasses leadership, innovation, and strategic vision.

As the former CEO and Chief Scientist of the Drummond Group, Rik led a successful company and earned global recognition for his exceptional contributions to the industry. His expertise and leadership were underscored by invitations to provide expert testimony before the United States Congress and his appointment as Chairman of a Federal Department of Energy Committee.

Throughout his illustrious career, Rik has consistently demonstrated his ability to inspire and unite individuals toward a common goal. He is revered for his adeptness in fostering collaboration and maintaining an unwavering focus on the mission at hand. Guided by his commitment to Christ and fueled by his spirit of generosity, Rik wholeheartedly dedicates himself to supporting Love in Action and uplifting his community as a whole.

Beverly Peek

Vice President

Aaron Kindley

Board Member

Elizabeth Crowe

Board Member

Brenda Ayer

Board Member

Scott Walls

Board Member


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