Teri Caswell

Teri Caswell

Executive Director

Several years ago, the Lord gave me a burden for the homeless and poor in our county.  There were no shelters or programs for homeless people, except for those with specific needs like substance abuse or domestic violence.  So, with the help of other like-minded people in our area, we began researching what other counties and towns were doing so we could learn from their experiences.  About 18 months later after the research and much prayer, we determined that a “day center” for the homeless would be the best way to start.

Thanks to the generosity of First Baptist Church of Athens, we were given permission to use a property they owned but were not using.  It was a little church building with a small kitchen area.  Thanks to some wonderful volunteers and donations of money, materials, and time, we were able to install a shower and a washer and dryer.  The very first day we had two people come to get assistance.  Then we grew to five and shortly thereafter we were serving about 35 to 40 people each day we were open.  Since that time, the number of people we serve has fluctuated, but in 2019 we served an average of 25 people every day we were open, and today we serve almost 30 people each day. 

Love in Action opened in December 2016

Today we have 2 sets of washers and dryers and one shower.

As greater needs were seen, God continued to provide grace and provision to meet the needs of individuals and fulfill new services necessary for dignity and improving each individual’s quality of life. At every new corner, people were ready to help by building and donating to the facilities and resources available today.

We are open on alternate days than the Athens Soup kitchen is open, thereby filling a need on a daily basis.


Teri Caswell

Executive Director

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